BayGenomics ES Cell Lines


The majority (but not all) of the BayGenomics ES cell lines were generated from 129P2 (formerly 129/Ola) ES cell lines, predominantly the E14Tg2A.4 parental subclone.

MMRRC holdings

The MMRRC holds over 14,000 lines in this collection. View MMRRC catalog of all BayGenomics lines. The vast majority of BayGenomics cell lines have been correctly identified, as judged by DNA sequencing (i.e., repeat determination of the DNA sequence tag when the ES cell clone is requested). However, incorrectly identified ES cell clones are occasionally encountered, either because of human error or because a thawed ES cell line gets overgrown by a contaminating ES cell line. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you request verification of the identity of your ES cell line by DNA sequencing. There is an additional fee for DNA sequence verification of your clone (see below), but that fee is well worth it in terms of your overall investment in a gene knockout project. To reconfirm the identity of your ES cell line by DNA sequencing, simply indicate that on your on-line application.

We also recommend that recipients of ES cells re-verify the identity of the ES cell line by RT-PCR and/or Southern blot analysis (Genotyping BayGenomics Mice).

Most, but not all BayGenomics ES cell lines yield germline-transmitting chimeras. If more than one ES cell line is available for your "gene-of-interest", we recommend that you order several of the ES cell lines. Ordering more than one ES cell line for a specific "gene-of-interest" will increase the chances of success.


Clones are available only to investigators at non-profit institutions for non-commercial, academic research purposes only. They are distributed using the MMRRC Conditions of Use (COU). Note: The preceding link is to the COU text only; the COU user form will be provided after order submission. To inquire about obtaining these cell lines, please contact MMRRC Customer Service at or (207) 288-6009 (international) or (800) 910-2291 (North America). The MMRRC can further assist you by deriving embryos and/or live mice from these cells and providing services such as: genetic screening, multi-tier phenotyping, barrier housing and colony management.

For additional assistance about these clones, please contact the MMRRC at UC Davis at (530) 754-3290 between 9AM and 4PM PST or email

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