Conditions of Use

Proper attribution to the MMRRC should be included in any public display of the data provided here.

Summary Description of Data

  • For each Strain ID - Strain Designation - Strain Type combination, there will be one or more lines in the file.
  • If a Strain carries more than one mutation, each Mutation description, i.e., the set: (Mutation Type - Chromosome - Gene Symbol - Gene Name - Allele Symbol - Allele Name) will require a separate line.
Column Description Sample Data
Strain/Stock ID The unique ID used by your site to represent this strain. Format is MMRRC: 6 digit ID-abbreviation for holding center. 036643-UCD
Strain/Stock Designation Full strain name. Superscripted portions of the name are enclosed in < >. STOCK Tg(Nmu-cre)RJ32Gsat/Mmucd
Strain Type Type of strain, comma-separated list. See below for the accepted list of strain types. UN
State State in which the strain is held. Like strain type, if a strain is held in multiple states at a given site, it should be included as a comma-separated list. See below for strain state abbreviations. EM,SP
MGI Allele Accession ID his is the MGI Accession ID for the Allele. Use of this field should make providing allele symbol and name unnecessary. MGI:5435514
Allele Symbol Allele associated with this gene and strain. If a strain carries multiple alleles, a separate line is required for each. Tg(Nmu-cre)RJ32Gsat
Allele Name Name of the Allele transgene insertion RJ32, GENSAT Project at Rockefeller University
Mutation Type For each mutant allele, specifies the type of mutation that it represents. Usually there will be only one mutation type per Allele. Should there be an exception to this rule, these should be submitted as a comma-separated list. See below for mutation type abbreviations. TG
Chromosome Chromosome on which the Gene is located. 5
MGI Gene Accession ID This is the MGI Accession ID for the Gene. Use of this field should make providing gene symbol and name unnecessary. (Optional) MGI:1860476
Gene Symbol Gene Symbol for mutation carried in this strain. If a strain carries multiple gene mutations, a separate line is required for each Nmu
Gene Name Name of the Gene neuromedin U
URL Link to MMRRC strain data sheet
Accepted Date Shows the date that the strain was accepted (by the Center it was assigned to) 2012-04-02
MPT IDs Contains all Mammalian Phenotype Term ID(s) linked to this strain, each term separated from the previous by a space N/A
Pubmed IDs List the unique identifiers of entries in Pubmed associated with the strain 14586460 17855595
Research Areas Lists Research Areas associated with the strain Cell Biology,Developmental Biology,Neurobiology,Research Tools
Strain Type Abbreviation
IS inbred strain
SEG segregating inbred strain
MSR mutant strain
MSK mutant stock
WDS wild-derived inbred strain
COI coisogenic strain
CON congenic strain
CSS consomic or chromosome substitution strain
RI recombinant inbred (RI)
RC recombinant congenic (RC)
MAH major histocompatibility congenic
MIH minor histocompatibility congenic
NON noninbred stock
CCO closed colony
UN unclassified
Strain State Abbreviation
LM Live mouse
CA cryo-archived
EM cryopreserved embryos
SP cryopreserved or freeze-dried sperm
ES ES cell lines
CU Currently Unavailable
Mutation Type Abbreviation
SM spontaneous mutation
TM targeted mutation
TG transgenic
GT gene trap
CI chemically induced mutation
RAD radiation induced mutation
CH chromosomal aberration
RB Robertsonian translocation
TL reciprocal translocation
TP transposition
INV inversion
INS insertion
DEL deletion
DP duplication
OTH other