Review Criteria for Accepting Mouse Strains into the MMRRC

Mouse strains submitted for consideration are reviewed monthly by members of the MMRRC Coordinating Committee and occasionally by an MMRRC Advisory Panel of scientific experts. The reviewers use the information provided in the Strain Submission Application to determine whether the mouse strain fulfills a set of objective criteria necessary to be considered for acceptance. These criteria include:

  • created using sound scientific methods;
  • is distinguishable genotypically and/or phenotypically from other known existing mouse strains;
  • exhibits a clearly identifiable and/or useful phenotype;
  • exists at no other distribution center;
  • is available for distribution to the scientific research community; and
  • controls are readily available or unique controls will be provided.

The reviewers then use additional information in the Strain Submission Application and publications (if available) to subjectively assess the mouse strain. Donating Investigators are notified by email within a week of the MMRRC's decision on the strain submission.