Application Stage

During the application stage, you (the Donating Investigator) will review the MMRRC's Submission Terms and Conditions and (if accepted) complete and submit the MMRRC Strain Submission Application and provide any supporting references reporting on your mouse strain. On the application form, you will indicate whether or not your mouse strain submission is pre-authorized for repositing in the MMRRC. For more details on submission types, refer to the Submission Types page. If pre-authorized, you will be asked for the authorizing institution. Otherwise, you will be asked if you have funding to support the MMRRC's preservation and maintenance of your strain; if not, the MMRRC's Strain Submission Review board will determine whether the strain has sufficient potential scientific value for acceptance into the MMRRC repository.

You may request Delayed Release pending publication of your research. For additional information, see the Delayed Release section.

Once the MMRRC has both the Strain Submission Application and supporting references, your application will be scheduled for review. All application materials will be circulated to the MMRRC Coordinating Committee (CC) and occasionally to members of the Advisory Panel (AP). At the monthly MMRRC review meeting, your application will be discussed by the CC, who will make a determination whether to accept your mouse strain. For more details on review criteria, visit the Review Criteria page.

You will be notified within one week after the review meeting of the decision concerning your strain submission application.