Requesting MMRRC Strains and Cell Lines

Researchers or their institution's purchasing representative interested in obtaining MMRRC mice, cell lines or cryo-preserved materials may request materials using the online Request Form (accessible from the Catalog Search page's results listing). If you have questions or need assistance completing this form, you may call: Customer Service at (800) 910-2291 (in USA or Canada) or (530) 757-5710 (International calls). Before you call, please have with you: the MMRRC item number, quantity needed, Bill-to and Ship-to information.

  • Register a login and password, then update your account

    • You must have a valid MMRRC user account to register interest or submit a strain request, to do so simply click on the login tab on the tab menu on the top bar of the Catalog Search Page.
    • Click the My Account tab to review your options. Click Account Information and confirm your information is correct.
  • Update Contact Information

    • Next, click My Order Contacts and enter the contact information for Principle Investigator, Billing, Shipping and Veterinarian, saving each pop box. This information is now saved for this and future orders. Each contact can be edited as needed.
    • You must specify a Recipient Principal Investigator, Billing and Shipping Contact to complete an order and checkout process. Veterinarian contact is optional. To add/modify your contacts, please visit the My Order Contacts page under the My Account section.
  • Select your strains or cell lines

    • Using the Catalog Search, select each strain or cell line you wish to request by clicking the shopping cart icon on the left side of the strain listing. You can search and select as many strains and/or cell lines you need.
    • Once you have checked your desired strains, click the "Submit Request" button found at the top and bottom of the search results list. This will take you to the request form, which will display the available products for each strain and cell line you request. Alternatively, you can select the My Cart tab from the top menu.
    • If instead of a shopping cart you see a star icon, the strain is not yet available for distribution. To register interest please click the star icon and follow the instructions; registering enables us to notify you once the strain is available and helps the MMRRC determine whether sufficient demand exists for maintaining a live colony.
    • You can always return to the catalog to search for and add additional strains to your request.
  • Complete the Request Form

    • Once you are done selecting strains, click on the My Cart tab on the top menu to view your cart and continue the strain request process by selecting the quantities of the items you would like for each strain
    • Note: For live mice from a cryo-preserved line, you are ordering at minimum the Resuscition; a quantity of 1 litter is normal as you will receive the resulting litter with at least one mutant carrier for breeding. If you require specific quantities by gender or available genotype, you may additionally specify quantities for the available mouse products; if you specify additional mice or specific quantities, these mice will be billed at the per-mouse fee rate in addition to the base resuscitation fee. If for any reason you can not specify the additional mice or specific quantities you want, please write your detailed request on the "Shipping Instructions / special notes" section of the Miscellaneous section of the checkout process.
    • Your quantities are not saved until the Begin Checkout button is selected.
    • Please be aware that you will be required to provide your grant number during the checkout process if you are NIH funded.
  • Contact Information

    • Review your selected contacts for the shipment(s). Recipient Principal Investigator, Billing Contact and Shipping Contact required.
    • Contact Information
  • Payment Information

    • The Payment Information screen of the request form allows you to enter payment information for each MMRRC facility from which you are requesting mice.
    • For Purchase Order (PO) payments, please specify the supplying MMRRC facility as the vendor on the PO. (For specific vendor information, please see the Vendor Accounts Information page.)
    • If you are NIH funded, please put in the grant number(s). If you are not NIH funded, please check the checkbox to indicate this.
    • NOTE: if requesting materials from more than one MMRRC facility, please provide a separate PO for each facility.
    • NOTE: Do NOT submit credit card information on our request form. The supplying MMRRC facility will contact you for the information when paying by credit card.
  • Technology Transfer Agreements

    • All distributions require execution of an user agreement appropriate for the strain(s) requested. For those that require a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), please complete the appropriate agreement, obtain the necessary signatures and email or mail to the MMRRC following directions on the MTA forms
    • For those requiring the Conditions of Use (COU), either the requester or the institution’s Technical Transfer Officer may complete the on-line COU form --please follow your institution's policies related to executing these agreements.
    • For Deltagen lines, please use the Deltagen Agreement
    • For Lexicon lines, please use the Lexicon Agreement
    • For SIGTR ES cell clones, please use the SIGTR Agreement
    • For all other MMRRC strains or products, please use the Conditions of Use (text only; the COU web form is provided after order submission)
    • For information about mutant ES cell clones, please see ES Cell Clones page. For more detailed information about MMRRC distributions, please see Distribution Request Information
  • Review and Submit your Order

    • You will be able to review your order submission before submitting your order, be sure to double check all the information to make sure everything is entered correctly. If you are having trouble submitting an order please use the Feedback button on the right side of the webpage to submit a comment, our staff will contact you to assist you with the order.
  • After submission of the Request Form

    • After submitting the order request, a confirmation email will be emailed to you with the order number. Additional status updates will also be emailed to you at your email address. You can check your order's status in the My Orders section of the MMRRC website.

If you have any question regarding your order submission please contact Customer Service at (800) 910-2291 (in USA or Canada) or 530-757-5710 (International calls). or email

The MMRRC is a collaborative effort, funded by grants from DPCPSI of the NIH.

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