Fees for products and services are listed near the bottom of each Strain Detail Sheet in the catalog. Fees are based on costs associated with an individual line, including such factors as the effort and amount of supplies needed to archive, maintain, and recover a line, demand for the line, per diem for maintenance, among other factors.

MMRRC Shipping Information

MMRRC Shipping Information for strains with Stock Number ID's ending in: UCD, MU or UNC

The MMRRC facilities at University of California at Davis (UCD), University of Missouri (MU) and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) require requesting institutions to provide a courier account number for shipment of each order. Any fees associated with shipping will be billed to the requesting institution directly by the courier. Rare exceptions can be made with prior approval; in these cases, sufficient funds to cover shipping expenses must be allocated on the purchase order and payment information received in advance.

  • International shipments: for Live mice, ES Cells or Cryo-Preserved materials use World Courier.
  • Domestic shipments: for Live mice you may use either Validated Courier or World Courier; for ES Cells or Cryo-Preserved materials use Fed Ex.
MMRRC Shipping Information for strains with Stock Number ID's ending in: JAX

The MMRRC facility at The Jackson Laboratory recommends and can arrange ground transportation in dedicated, climate-controlled vehicles for most locations in the U.S.A. and Canada. If ground transportation is not available to your location, they can arrange for air shipment. Shipping charges are based on the number of shipping containers used. Shipping charges are prepaid and itemized on invoices.

For additional information concerning transportation to your institution, contact MMRRC Customer Service at 1-800-910-2291 or +1-530-757-5710 or

Cancellation Policy

By submitting an order request, customers agree to be responsible for paying the fees associated with producing and providing a product. Should the customer subsequently decide to cancel, or not accept delivery of the prepared product, the MMRRC will still invoice for the services performed to-date. Submitting an order request indicates agreement with these terms.