The MMRRC has established program-wide fees for materials distributed from the archives regardless of the holding facility or the specific strain. Fees for mice, cryo-recovery, and cryopreserved germplasm are listed near the bottom of each Strain Detail Sheet in the catalog. Each of the MMRRC facilities sets its own fees for additional services available from that facility. Likewise the fees for MMRRC-distributed ES cell lines and associated services are standardized across the MMRRC.

Please also read important Shipping Information including our Cancellation Policy

Material Non-Profit/Academic Fee For-Profit Fee Unit Notes
Live mice from a production colony $218 $571 mouse The supplying MMRRC facility may assess additional fees for any special requests (e.g., specific age or weight of mice, etc.).
Resuscitation from a cryopreserved archive $2,022 $4,109 litter Recovered litter1; additional fees for any special requests.
Cryopreserved Spermatozoa $437 $817 aliquot Quantity varies.2
Cryopreserved Embryos $1,038 $2,621 aliquot Approximate quantities3: 20-40 embryos / aliquot
Cryopreserved Oocytes or ovaries $1,038 $1,508 aliquot Approximate quantities3: 20-40 oocytes or 2-4 ovaries / aliquot
Feeder cell lines $56 $113 vial  
Parental cell lines, high passage wild type parental clones $56 $113 vial These are suitable for DNA extraction, control purposes but not for germline transmission.
Parental cell lines, low passage wild type parental clones $546 $864 vial These are suitable for a single electroporation and germline transmission.
Parental cell lines, ultra low passage cells Fee: inquire Fee: inquire These are suitable for multiple electroporations (germline transmission available). Parental ES cell line E14Tg2a.4 was used in generating both the BayGenomics and Sanger (SIGTR) lines. Parental ES cell line AK7 was used to generate the Soriano lines.
Mutant ES cell line clones
$546 $864 vial Without genetic confirmation.*
$825 $1,396 cell line With genetic confirmation.*
Blastocyst microinjection of ES cell line clone $3,317 $6,070 cell line In addition to the per mutant ES cell line fee (see above); chimeras not guaranteed.
$5,540 $8,073 cell line In addition to the per mutant ES cell line fee (see above); at least one 50% or greater chimeric male, or not charged at all.

The MMRRC distribution policy regarding order cancellations: By filing an order request, customer agrees to be responsible for paying a cryo fee for cryo-distribution or resuscitation of live mice from a cryopreserved archive. Should customer subsequently decide to cancel, or not accept delivery of mice recovered or material from the cryopreserved archive, the MMRRC will still invoice for the cryo-recovery or cryo-distribution service which the customer agrees to pay.

1 The distribution fee covers the expense of resuscitating mice from the cryo-archive; you will receive the resulting litter. The litter will contain at minimum one mutant carrier; the actual number of animals and the gender and genotype ratios will vary. (Typically, multiple breeder pairs can be established from the recovered litter.) Prior to shipment, the MMRRC will provide information about the animals recovered. If you anticipate or find that you need to request specific genotypes, genders or quantities of mice in excess of what is likely from a resuscitated litter, you may discuss available options and pricing with the supplying MMRRC facility.

2 An aliquot is one straw or vial with sufficient sperm to recover at least one litter of mice, as per provided protocols, when performed at the MMRRC facility. The MMRRC makes no guarantee concerning the success of these procedures when performed outside the MMRRC facilities.

3 An aliquot contains a sufficient number of embryos or ovarian tissue (in one or more vials and based on the transfer success rate of the MMRRC facility) to transfer to at least two recipients. The MMRRC makes no guarantee concerning embryo or ovarian tissue transfer success experienced in the recipient investigator's laboratory. Neither gender nor genotype ratios are guaranteed.

* Note: We recommend verification of the identity of ES cell line by genetic confirmation (see MMRRC ES Cell Clones and Related Cell Lines for additional information).

The MMRRC is a collaborative effort, funded by grants from DPCPSI of the NIH.

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