MMRRC Distribution Request Overview

Investigators may request materials from the MMRRC using the online Request Form (accessible from the Catalog Search page's results listing). If you have questions or need assistance completing this form, you may call: Customer Service at (800) 910-2291 (in USA or Canada) or (530) 757-5710 (international calls). Before you call, please have with you: the MMRRC item number, quantity needed, Bill-to and Ship-to information.

Please Note: the MMRRC is not currently set up to process credit card payments online. Please do not include any credit card numbers when requesting materials using the online form. This information is not sent using secure transfer mechanisms. The supplying MMRRC facility will contact you by phone for credit card payments.

Most MMRRC stocks are maintained as cryoarchives; thus, to ship live mice can require up to 18 weeks, sometimes more for a difficult strain or if the facility has a backlog of resuscitations already pending. Please see our resuscitation timeline. Live colonies are only maintained for lines with frequently recurring requests. Unless requesting specific quantities by genders or genotype, you will receive the recovered litter, which will include at least one mutant carrier.

All distributions of mice, cryopreserved germplasm, or ES cell lines are contingent on execution of an appropriate User Agreement or the standard MMRRC Conditions of Use (COU)(see MMRRC Agreements).