Strain Acceptance

If your strain is accepted, we will inform you which MMRRC facility has been selected to manage your strain. You will work more closely with the designated facility throughout the rest of the submission process. We will need additional information and documents in order to transfer your strain to one of the MMRRC facilities. The strain will be cryopreserved and a live breeding colony will be established if demand warrants it.

Unless accepted under Delayed Release, we will list your strain in the MMRRC's Catalog under Accepted or In Development and track any interest researchers register during preservation and colony establishment at the facility. During and following this period, you should refer interested investigators to the MMRRC Web site.

The main steps of this stage are:

  1. Submit a Detailed Genotyping Protocol.

    To assure preservation of your mutant strain, the MMRRC needs a detailed genotyping protocol. Please download and complete the MMRRC Genotyping Protocol Template. For genotypes that can be readily identified by phenotype, a phenotyping method and images will greatly enhance the Strain Detail Sheet in the catalog. Completed files can added to your strain submission using the upload files button at the top of your submission detail. Or, you can email it to, referencing the MMRRC submission ID in the subject line.

  2. Submit a completed and signed MMRRC Donor Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) to the MMRRC's Strain Donation Coordinator at the Informatics, Coordination and Service Center; delivery information is at the end of the MTA document.

    The MMRRC MTA (sample) is the formal agreement between you, your institution and the MMRRC. It explicitly authorizes the MMRRC to distribute your strain to others. This form is normally completed by an authorized official of the DI's institution (e.g., a Technology Transfer official) and signed by both the authorized official and the Donating Investigator.

    NOTE: The MMRRC is not able to negotiate or accept any modifications to its MTAs. The unaltered MMRRC Donor MTA is the only formal instrument that the MMRRC recognizes for its transfers; see MMRRC MTAs for additional information.

  3. Submit the Colony Health Status Report.

    We will need a recent, institutionally certified health status report for your colony prior to accepting shipment of your strain. The current health status of your mouse strain will not affect its acceptance. The facility selected to maintain your strain will work with you to obtain this document.

  4. Ship your strain!

    Once these documents are submitted, the facility and you or your representative will coordinate the transfer of your strain to the facility. Additional information about the mice or materials being shipped may be needed for the actual transfer. (See Transfer Methods.)

Please note:

Unfortunately, the MMRRC is not able to hold space for a strain indefinitely. If accepted, viable mice should be transferred to the assigned MMRRC facility within six months. If mice are not transferred within that time, your acceptance may be rescinded, which would require you to reapply for your strain. The assigned MMRRC facility will notify you via email prior to such action.