The MMRRC ICSC API is a tool for the general public as well as MMRRC centers to use for programmatically interacting with the MMRRC catalog. The API will contain functions to query the catalog for individual products, the entire catalog, or to submit and edit catalog entries from MMRRC and affiliated centers.

One of the primary uses for the API is to allow KOMP production centers to programmatically submit their production data directly into the MMRRC and speed up the curation and approval process of new strains produced as part of the KOMP2 Phase 2 effort.

API Framework Details: This RESTful API was built using the PHP micro MVC framework SILEX and interacts by producing and consuming objects in the JSON lightweight data interchange format. Examples of the specific functions, their usage, and the JSON formats produced and expected are detailed below in the pdf.

MMRRC API Documentation