MMRRC Standard Operating Procedures

Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center Emergency and Disaster Plan:

Live Animals: The Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center is committed to the moral and legal obligations to provide humane care for all mouse lines maintained as live colonies in the event of a disaster. Each consortium member is part of a larger institution that maintains and regularly updates animal emergency management and response plans that are appropriate for the environment/location of the center. These plans are available upon request.

Cryoarchive: All cryoarchived materials (e.g., sperm, embryos, embryonic stem cells) are stored on-site in secure, constantly monitored cryostorage units. To protect against disasters that could damage such storage units, all materials are also duplicated and stored at secondary facilities such as the USDA, ARS National Animal Germplasm Program site.

Pandemic response: The MMRRC quickly pivoted in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic with minimal disruption in its operations and is well-prepared to address future calamities. To address community needs in such circumstances, the MMRRC is also well-prepared to develop and provide additional emergency services to the biomedical community.