Read the recently published article in Nature about how the MMRRC repository provides scientific value and utility through curation, preservation, genetic quality control, and protection from pathogens.  Learn about the efforts that the MMRRC takes to help researchers reduce model redundancy and improve reproducibility of studies.

Representatives from the MMRRC will be attending the 66th Annual AALAS National Meeting November 1-5, 2015 Phoenix, AZ. Please be sure to stop by booth #215 and learn more about how the MMRRC can help you with your mouse related research needs.

Representatives of the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center will be attending the American Society of Cell Biology Meeting in Philadelphia December 6-10. Please come by booth #916 and let us help you with your mouse research needs.

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Welcome to the Mutant Mouse Resource Research Centers (MMRRC) Web Site

The MMRRC distributes and cryopreserves scientifically valuable, genetically engineered mouse strains and mouse ES cell lines with potential value for the genetics and biomedical research community. We are a national network of breeding and distribution facilities plus an information coordinating center serving together as NIH's premier repository of spontaneous and induced mutant mouse and cell lines. The MMRRC is supported by the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health. Strains of mice are maintained in a cryopreserved state unless demand warrants that a live colony be established. Live mice are supplied from a production colony, from a colony recovered from cryopreservation, or via micro-injection of a cell line into host blastocysts. At its option, an MMRRC facility may offer cryopreserved material for resuscitation at the recipient scientist's institution. The MMRRC charges fees to partially cover repository costs; please see our Fees page for details.