Strain Transfer Methods

The MMRRC facilities are able to accept your strain as live mice or as cryopreserved material.

  • Live mice:

    Transfer of live mice to the MMRRC is always acceptable. For optimal efficiency, we recommend submitting a minimum of 10 females and 6 males of the strain. Mice should be suitable age for breeding.

  • Cryopreserved material:

    The MMRRC facilities also are able to accept previously cryopreserved embryos and spermatozoa; DI must coordinate with the importing facility for transfers using cryopreserved material. Please note that there is always risk of failure to resuscitate your strain if only cryopreserved material is submitted. Therefore, we cannot assure recoverability until we successfully resuscitate mice from your cryopreserved materials.

If your strain is accepted into the MMRRC, the designated facility will work with you to transfer your strain to the facility.