Strain Submission Terms and Conditions

As the Donating Investigator, you are asked to agree to and meet the following terms and conditions for any strain submitted to the MMRRC:

  1. I confirm that my mouse strain was created and maintained under an approved Institutional Animal Care and Utilization Committee (IACUC) protocol.

  2. If this strain is accepted, I agree, in a timely fashion, to:

    1. provide a detailed genotyping protocol;

    2. complete and submit the standard MMRRC Donor Material Transfer Agreement (see sample Donor MTA) for my strain, which details the formal agreement between me, my institution and the MMRRC for preservation and redistribution of my strain;

    3. provide a recent and institutionally certified health status report in advance of shipping this mouse strain to the assigned facility;

    4. provide this strain, within six months, in a single shipment of live mice or cryopreserved materials in the form and quantities that I have agreed to provide to the MMRRC facility (see Transfer Methods for additional information);

    5. take responsibility for the cost of preparation and shipment of my mouse strain to the assigned facility.

  3. If I transfer my strain via cryopreserved embryos or germplasm, I accept the risk that it may not be possible to resuscitate my strain. I understand that the MMRRC will make a reasonable effort at resuscitation. I will not hold the MMRRC responsible for the loss of my strain.

  4. I accept that the MMRRC will maintain my strain as appropriate for the overall benefit of the entire strain repository resource, and that my strain may be maintained as a cryopreserved-only archive if demand is inadequate to justify maintenance of a breeding colony.

  5. I acknowledge that the MMRRC is not liable and will not reimburse for expenses incurred in the event that availability of this strain is further restricted subsequent to its acceptance due to ownership or distribution rights of third parties.

  6. I accept that once a live colony is discontinued, there is a remote risk that it may not be possible to recover my strain from the cryo-repository. I understand that the MMRRC will make a reasonable effort at resuscitation and I will not hold the MMRRC responsible for the loss of my strain.

  7. I accept that maintenance at the cryopreserved-only maintenance level implies additional time to resuscitate animals for distribution.

  8. If accepted for Delayed Release, I agree that the MMRRC will make this strain publicly available at the end of the delay period, or sooner if released by me or by publication of my research.

  9. I agree, when appropriate, to refer requests for my strain or material to the MMRRC (even though resuscitation may be required to fulfill the request) and to cite the MMRRC as the supplying source in future publications referring to this strain.