Benefits of Strain Submission

Donate Your Mice and Enjoy Awesome Perks!

Here's what you get when you contribute your mouse strain to our collection:

  • Effortlessly meet any NIH sharing requirements you might have, ensuring you're in good standing with research agencies.
  • Save money and space by cutting down on animal housing needs.
  • Reduce your daily care costs, leaving more in your budget for exciting research.
  • Secure your mouse line's legacy with a cryopreserved archive, like a 'time capsule' for your research.
  • Simplify your life by sending mice to just one place, rather than juggling requests from multiple researchers.
  • Score a complimentary, one-time delivery of either live mice or cryopreserved sperm for each strain you donate. Note: You'll just cover the shipping.
  • If you're MMRRC-funded, all you'll pay is the shipping cost to get your mice to us.
  • Self-funded? No problem! You can negotiate a custom fee-for-service arrangement.

Give back to the scientific community while enjoying these great benefits and donate today!

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Visual representation of the benefits of donating your mouse strain