Most MMRRC strains are maintained as cryo-archives, in one or more formats (embryos, spermatozoa, ovaries or ES cell line). Mice will be recovered upon request.

If desired, the MMRRC will perform the resuscitation and supply you (the recipient investigator) with the recovered litter. The litter will contain at minimum one mutant carrier; the actual number of animals and the gender and genotype ratios will vary. (Typically, multiple breeder pairs can be established from the recovered litter.) Prior to shipment, the MMRRC will provide information about the animals recovered. If you anticipate or find that you need to request specific genotypes, genders or quantities of mice in excess of what is likely from a resuscitated litter, you may discuss available options and pricing with the supplying MMRRC facility. Additional time may be required for genotyping and breeding in order to fulfill such requests.

Strains maintained only in a cryopreserved archive can take three to six months (or longer) to provide mice for distribution, depending on the characteristics of the strain and the specifics of your request. Please view our Resuscitation Timeline for more information. In many cases, the MMRRC facilities will distribute the cryo-preserved material for resuscitation by the recipient.