The MMRRC is pleased to welcome its newest collection of cell lines to the repository. The UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility has deposited 473 Hybridoma Cell Lines into the MMRRC at UC Davis.

Hybridoma cell lines are immortal monoclonal antibody producing cells that can be grown in tissue culture at any scale to produce monoclonal antibodies. Each of the 473 cell lines in the MMRRC produced monoclonal antibodies validated for the specificity and efficacy in brain research applications at UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility.

This new collection will empower researchers with the ability to produce large quantities of specific and highly validated monoclonal antibodies at low cost. One of the other benefits of having this collection in the MMRRC is that scientists also have access to knockout mouse lines for genes that encode protein targets of the NeuroMAb monoclonal antibodies. Accessibility of these cell lines will allow investigators to explore the dynamic organization of specific cell antibodies critical to understanding and improving health and disease.

Check out the new collection here

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