Strain Name    : B6;SJL-Nos2tm1Mrl Tg(APPSWE)2576Kha Tg(PSEN1)1Zhe/Mmnc

Stock Number : 011171-UNC

Gene Information

(provided by MGI)
Allele Symbol: Nos2tm1Mrl
Name: targeted mutation 1, John S Mudgett
Chromosome: 11
Alteration at locus: Knockout
Gene Symbol: Nos2
Name: nitric oxide synthase 2, inducible
Chromosome: 11
Alteration at locus: Knockout
Transgene: APPswe (Homo sapien (human))
Name: amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein 695.Sweedish mutation
Alteration at locus: Transgenic
Transgene: PSEN1 (Homo sapien (human))
Name: presenilin 1 (Alzheimer disease 3)
Alteration at locus: Transgenic
Transgene: Tg(APPSWE)2576Kha
Name: transgene insertion 2576, Karen Hsiao Ashe
Alteration at locus: Transgenic
Genetic Alterations:
For iNOS knockout, donor deleted 585bp of promoter plus exons 1-4 while inserting neo cassette (Cell 81: 641, 1995). The transgenes were introduced by others into separate strains and brought together with the ko as described above. "Recessive" designation below refers to disrupted iNOS alleles.

Genotype Determination:

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ES Cell Line: AB2.1 derived from C57BL/6J


Homozygous phenotype: Marked amelioration of the pathology and extension of lifespan.
Hemizygous phenotype: not applicable

Mammalian Phenotype Terms:
Allelic Composition: Nos2tm1Mrl/Nos2tm1Mrl (Genetic Background: B6.129S7-Nos2tm1Mrl )

Allelic Composition: Nos2tm1Mrl/Nos2tm1Mrl (Genetic Background: either: 129S/Sv or B6J.129S7-Nos2tm1Mrl )

Allelic Composition: Nos2tm1Mrl/Nos2tm1Mrl (Genetic Background: involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd )

Allelic Composition: Nos2tm1Mrl/Nos2tm1Mrl (Genetic Background: involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd * C57BL/6 )

Allelic Composition: Nos2tm1Mrl/Nos2tm1Mrl (Genetic Background: involves: 129S7/SvEvBrd * PL/J )

  • immune system

Strain of Origin: C57BL/6J

Strain genetic background: C57BL/6 x SJL

Strain Development: First, donor backcrossed the original iNOS-/- C57BL/6129 mice (30) to C57BL/6 for 6 generations. Descendants of brother-sister matings of the latter mice were crossed with the SJL strain and their progeny interbred to derive iNOS-/- C57BL/6SJL mice. This step was based on evidence that that modifier genes from the SJL background were critical to avoid premature mortality in C57BL/6 mice bearing a mutant (K670N, M671L) human amyloid precursor protein (APP) transgene (31). Donor bred the iNOS-/- C57BL/6SJL mice with a strain called Tg2576 in which a hamster prion promoter drives the K670N, M671L APP transgene in the C57Bl/6SJL background (32), and also with transgenics in which the Thy1 promoter drives human presenilin-1 (hPS1) with the A246E mutation in the C57Bl/6SJL background (33). Donor interbred the progeny to establish three C57BL/6SJL sublines from littermates: (i) wild type mice (iNOS+/+ hAPP0/0 hPS10/0); (ii) mice with wild type iNOS alleles and the APP and PS1 transgenes, each of which was inherited from only one parent so as to avoid overdose (iNOS+/+ hAPP+/0 hPS1+/0); and (iii) mice with disrupted iNOS alleles and the APP and PS1 transgenes (iNOS-/- hAPP+/0 hPS1+/0).

  • Immunology and Inflammation
  • Models for Human Disease

Donor: Carl Nathan, M.D., Weill Cornell Medical College

Primary Reference:

Nathan C, Calingasan N, Nezezon J, Ding A, Lucia MS, La Perle K, Fuortes M, Lin M, Ehrt S, Kwon NS, Chen J, Vodovotz Y, Kipiani K, Beal MF. Protection from Alzheimer's-like disease in the mouse by genetic ablation of inducible nitric oxide synthase. J Exp Med. 2005 Nov 7;202(9):1163-9. Epub 2005 Oct 31. (Medline PMID: 16260491)

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