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JM8A3.N1 Parental Cell Sub-line
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Gene Information

Name: nonagouti; targeted mutation 1, Allan Bradley
Type: Allele
Species: Mus musculus (mouse)
Chromosome: 2
Alteration at locus: Targeted Mutation
Genetic Alterations
These cells are a sub-clone of the JM8A3 cell line. The nonagouti mutation in C57BL/6 strains is due to the presence of an 11.8 kilobase pair (kbp) retrotransposon in the first intron of the Agouti gene which abolishes transcription of Agouti mRNA15. JM8.F6 ES Cells were targeted to delete the retrotransposon from the locus and restore Agouti gene function. The retrotransposon was replaced with a selectable marker, which was subsequently removed by Flp recombinase. The resulting Agouti allele contains a net deletion of 607 bp of intron sequence relative to the 129 strain Agouti allele and the retention of a single Flp recombinase target (FRT) site. Subsequently, a small fragment of the targeting vector also integrated into a section of Chromosome 8, and therefore targeting Chromosome 8 with these cells is not recommended, and we recommend instead either the JM8.N4 or JM8.F6 ES Cells.
ES Cell Line
JM8A3 derived from C57BL/6N
The KOMP Repository , UC Davis Mouse Biology Program.
Primary Reference

Pettitt SJ, Liang Q, Rairdan XY, Moran JL, Prosser HM, Beier DR, Lloyd KC,Bradley A, Skarnes WC. Agouti C57BL/6N embryonic stem cells for mouse geneticresources. Nat Methods. 2009 Jul;6(7):493-5. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1342. Epub 2009Jun 14. (Medline PMID: 19525957)

Colony and Husbandry Information

These cells are expected to be male (XY), are feeder-dependent, and homozygous (a/a) for the a, non-agouti, coat color allele.

Requested cell lines are tested by PCR analysis for mycoplasma spp. and Murine Parvoviruses (MPV) upon completion of expansion and prior to shipment. The JM8 Parental Cell Line, from which these cells were derived, was tested for multiple mouse pathogens and all results were negative. The specific JM8A3.N1 Parental Cell Sub-line was also tested for multiple mouse pathogens; please see the Health Status Report.

Mice derived from requested cell lines via Microinjection services will be pathogen tested prior to delivery of mice and health reports will be provided. If you require additional health status information prior to requesting microinjection please email

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050961-UCD-CTRL KOMP High Passage Parental cell line JM8A3.N1 Parental Cell Sub-line (suitable for DNA extraction, control purposes; not for germline transmission) $148.67 / $306.50
Non-Profit / For-Profit
Vial Suitable for DNA extraction, control purposes but not for germline transmission.
050961-UCD-CELL KOMP Low Passage Parental cell line JM8A3.N1 Parental Cell Sub-line (suitable for electroporation and germline transmission) $740.70 / $1,441.18
Non-Profit / For-Profit
Vial Suitable for a single electroporation and germline transmission.
050961-UCD-ULTRA KOMP Ultra-low Passage Parental cell line JM8A3.N1 Parental Cell Sub-line (suitable for multiple electroporations and germline transmission) $2,059.70 / $2,993.83
Non-Profit / For-Profit
Vial Suitable for a multiple electroporation and germline transmission.
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