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KOMP ES cell line Dglucytm1a(KOMP)Wtsi
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Gene Information

Name: D-glutamate cyclase; targeted mutation 1a, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Type: Allele
Species: Mus musculus (mouse)
Chromosome: 12
Alteration at locus: Knockout-first
Name: D-glutamate cyclase
Synonyms: 9030617O03Rik
Type: Gene
Species: Mouse
Chromosome: 12
Alteration at locus: Knockout-first
NCBI: 217830
Homologene: 11798
Genetic Alterations

Knockout-first (Promoter-driven)

Further details at the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium:

KOMP Targeting Strategies

ES Cell Line
JM8.N4 derived from C57BL/6N
The KOMP Repository, University of California, Davis; Originating from Pieter de Jong, Kent Lloyd, William Skarnes, Allan Bradley, Wellcome Sanger Institute
Primary Reference
Skarnes, W.C., Rosen, B., West, A.P., Koutsourakis, M., Bushell, W., Iyer, V., Mujica, A.O., Thomas, M., Harrow, J., Cox, T. et al. (2011) A conditional knockout resource for the genome-wide study of mouse gene function. Nature, 474, 337-342. (PMID: 21677750)

Colony and Husbandry Information

Available Clone(s): The following clones are available for this cell line. To optimize the chances of achieving germline transmission, investigators are encouraged to order more than one clone.
  • EPD0098_6_C10
  • EPD0098_6_D10
  • EPD0098_6_D11
  • EPD0098_6_E11
  • EPD0098_6_G11
  • EPD0098_6_H10

Instructions for ordering multiple clones:

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ES Cell Sex and Genotype: These ES Cells are expected to be male (XY) and heterozygous/hemizygous for the mutation.

Requested cell lines are tested by PCR analysis for mycoplasma spp. and Murine Parvoviruses (MPV) upon completion of expansion and prior to shipment.

Mice derived from requested cell lines via Microinjection services will be pathogen tested prior to delivery of mice and health reports will be provided. If you require additional health status information prior to requesting microinjection please email

Order Request Information

MMRRC Testing of KOMP ES Cell clones includes development of genotyping protocols, genetic verification at the 3' and 5' ends, vector copy number = 1, presence or loss of Y chromosome, and mycoplasma and MPV testing. Type of genetic testing varies for CSD and Velocigene targets. Approximately 30% of KOMP clones tested fail genetic analysis and will require a new clone be selected for expansion and testing. Based on the average germline rate for KOMP targets, we recommend requesting and injecting 2-3 clones per targeted allele. All mutant ES cell lines are heterozygous for the mutation, meaning they carry one modified allele and one wild type allele. Please note, there is high incidence of mixed cell populations in the CSD targeted cell lines, and while our testing can detect this in most cases, it is not 100%, and there may be a very small percent of non or incorrectly targeted ES cells in the population; therefore we strongly recommend targeting verification of the derived mice with 5’ or 3’ LRPCR and/or Loss of Allele analysis. MMRRC also recommends performing chromosome counts or karyotyping prior to injection of clones.

Estimated timelines: Processing ES cells (including genetic verification) prior to injection or shipping requires 12-16 weeks. Chromosome counting (to determine % euploid cells) requires an additional 4-8 weeks. Microinjection requires an additional 11-15 weeks. Germline transmission testing (breeding of chimera) requires an additional 8-16 weeks. Germline transmission is not guaranteed.

Distribution of this strain requires submission of the KOMP MTA. The MTA should be signed by an authorized official from your institution, generally this is someone in your Technology Transfer or Intellectual Property offices. A link to this form will be provided via email when an order is submitted; the PDF form should be downloaded or the email forwarded to the appropriate institutional representative for completion following directions in the document.

Additional charges may apply for any special requests. Shipping costs are in addition to the basic distribution/resuscitation fees. Information on shipping costs and any additional charges will be provided by the supplying MMRRC facility.

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MMRRC Item # Description Distribution Fee / Unit (US $)
*Shipping & Handling not included*
Units Notes
054561-UCD-CELL KOMP ES cell line Dglucytm1a(KOMP)Wtsi $1,554.87 / $1,770.47
Non-Profit / For-Profit
Vial Includes genetic confirmation
additional products Additional Clones $718.98 / $1,022.78
Non-Profit / For-Profit
per clone
available service Chromosome counts $385.17 / $411.77
Non-Profit / For-Profit
per clone To determine the percentage of euploid metaphase chromosomes in the targeted ES cells. At least 20 spreads are counted.
additional products Extra vial of cells for the same clone $462.69 / $748.79
Non-Profit / For-Profit
per clone
available service Basic microinjection service $11,114.27 / $11,881.83
Non-Profit / For-Profit
per cell line In addition to the per mutant ES cell line fee (see above); chimeras not guaranteed. Injection of up to 3 clones.
additional products Feeder cells - Irradiated $148.67 / $325.70
Non-Profit / For-Profit
per cell line
050959-UCD-CTRL KOMP High Passage Parental cell line JM8.N4 Parental Cell Sub-line (suitable for DNA extraction, control purposes; not for germline transmission) $148.67 / $306.50
Non-Profit / For-Profit
Vial Suitable for DNA extraction, control purposes but not for germline transmission.
050959-UCD-CELL KOMP Low Passage Parental cell line JM8.N4 Parental Cell Sub-line (suitable for electroporation and germline transmission) $740.70 / $1,441.18
Non-Profit / For-Profit
Vial Suitable for a single electroporation and germline transmission.
050959-UCD-ULTRA KOMP Ultra-low Passage Parental cell line JM8.N4 Parental Cell Sub-line (suitable for multiple electroporations and germline transmission) $2,059.70 / $2,993.83
Non-Profit / For-Profit
Vial Suitable for a multiple electroporation and germline transmission.
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