Distribution of Cryopreserved Materials

Most MMRRC strains are maintained as cryo-archives, in one or more formats (embryos, spermatazoa, ovaries or ES cell line); the MMRRC can distribute cryopreserved materials for reanimation at your facility (or by a FIMRe member for shipment to your facility). Researchers requesting materials for reanimation at their facility should confirm that they have sufficient expertise in the recovery technologies.

The standard quantities of cryopreserved materials shipped are sufficient for at least two embryo transfer recipients when performed following the MMRRC's recovery protocols. If you are not sufficiently experienced in recovering mice from cryopreserved materials, we recommend that you either:

  • have the MMRRC perform the reanimation (you won't pay the cryo-recovery fee if mice cannot be reanimated), or
  • contact the MMRRC facility to obtain less expensive generic material to use in verifying your recovery protocol.

While the MMRRC facilities can supply technical support, we cannot guarantee successful reanimation when recovery is performed outside our own facilities. (If there is a failure, the MMRRC will only refund the distribution fee if we verify that the cryopreservation of the materials was faulty.)