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BayGenomics ES cell line YTC427
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Gene Information

Name: CCR4-NOT transcription complex, subunit 1
Synonyms: 6030411K04Rik
Type: Gene
Species: Mouse
Chromosome: 8
NCBI: 234594
Homologene: 9453
Genetic Alterations
High throughput gene trapping was performed by inserting a gene trap vector containing a splice-acceptor sequence upstream of a reporter gene, β-geo (a fusion of β-galactosidase and neomycin phosphotransferase II), into an intronic or coding region of genomic DNA. The resulting insertional mutation creates a fusion transcript containing sequences from exons upstream of the insertion joined to the β-geo marker, allowing cell lines where the vector has successfully interrupted a gene to be identified.
IGTC Cell Line Annotation
BayGenomics, BayGenomics Consortium.
Primary Reference
Stryke D, Kawamoto M, Huang CC, Johns SJ, King LA, Harper CA, Meng EC, Lee RE, Yee A, L'Italien L, Chuang PT, Young SG, Skarnes WC, Babbitt PC, Ferrin TE. BayGenomics: a resource of insertional mutations in mouse embryonic stem cells. Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Jan 1;31(1):278-81. (Medline PMID: 12520002)

Colony and Husbandry Information

When choosing a clone, we recommend blasting the sequence tag to estimate the location of a gene trap. Generally you will want to select a clone that traps the furthest upstream. The vast majority of gene trap cell lines have been correctly identified, as judged by DNA sequencing (i.e., repeat determination of the DNA sequence tag when the ES cell clone is requested). However, incorrectly identified ES cell clones are occasionally encountered, either because of human error or because a thawed ES cell line gets overgrown by a contaminating ES cell line. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you request verification of the identity of your ES cell line by DNA sequencing (there is an additional fee for DNA sequence verification of your clone). We also recommend that recipients of ES cells re-verify the identity of the ES cell line by RT-PCR and/or Southern blot analysis. If more than one ES cell line is available for your "gene-of-interest", we recommend that you order several of the ES cell lines. Ordering more than one ES cell line for a specific 'gene-of-interest' will increase the chances of success.

ES Cell Sex and Genotype: These ES Cells are expected to be male (XY) and heterozygous/hemizygous for the mutation.

Requested cell lines are tested by PCR analysis for mycoplasma spp. and Murine Parvoviruses (MPV) upon completion of expansion and prior to shipment. The parental cell line E14Tg2a.4, from which these cells were derived, was tested for multiple mouse pathogens; please see the Health Status Report.

Mice derived from requested cell lines via Microinjection services will be pathogen tested prior to delivery of mice and health reports will be provided. If you require additional health status information prior to requesting microinjection please email

Order Request Information

MMRRC Testing of the BayGenomics, SIGTR, and Soriano gene trap cell lines includes RACE sequencing and mycoplasma and MPV testing. All mutant ES cell lines are heterozygous for the mutation, meaning they carry one modified allele and one wild type allele. MMRRC also recommends performing chromosome counts or karyotyping prior to injection of clones.

Estimated timelines: The repository was sent only one or two vials per clone/cell line from the production center. Processing ES cells (including genetic verification) prior to shipping or injection requires 6-8 weeks. Chromosome counting (to determine % euploid cells) requires an additional 4-8 weeks. Microinjection requires an additional 11-15 weeks. Germline transmission testing (breeding of chimera) requires an additional 8-16 weeks. Germline transmission is not guaranteed.

Distribution of this strain requires submission of the MMRRC Conditions of Use (COU). A link to the COU web form will be provided via email after an order has been placed; the form should be completed then or the email forwarded to your institutional official for completion.

The donor or their institution limits the distribution to non-profit institutions only.

Additional charges may apply for any special requests. Shipping costs are in addition to the basic distribution/resuscitation fees. Information on shipping costs and any additional charges will be provided by the supplying MMRRC facility.

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MMRRC Item # Description Distribution Fee / Unit (US $)
*Shipping & Handling not included*
Units Notes
029376-UCD-CELL BayGenomics ES cell line YTC427 $1,192.87 / Non-Profit Vial Includes genetic confirmation
available service Chromosome counts $385.17 / Non-Profit per clone To determine the percentage of euploid metaphase chromosomes in the targeted ES cells. At least 20 spreads are counted.
additional products Extra vial of cells for the same clone $462.69 / Non-Profit per clone
available service Basic microinjection service $11,114.27 / Non-Profit per cell line In addition to the per mutant ES cell line fee (see above); chimeras not guaranteed. Injection of up to 3 clones.
additional products Feeder cells - Irradiated $148.67 / Non-Profit per cell line
015890-UCD-CTRL BayGenomics High Passage Parental cell line ES Parental cell line E14Tg2a.4 (suitable for DNA extraction, control purposes; not for germline transmission) $148.67 / Non-Profit Vial Suitable for DNA extraction, control purposes but not for germline transmission.
015890-UCD-CELL BayGenomics Low Passage Parental cell line ES Parental cell line E14Tg2a.4 (suitable for electroporation and germline transmission) $740.70 / Non-Profit Vial Suitable for a single electroporation and germline transmission.
015890-UCD-ULTRA BayGenomics Ultra-low Passage Parental cell line ES Parental cell line E14Tg2a.4 (suitable for multiple electroporations and germline transmission) $2,059.70 / Non-Profit Vial Suitable for a multiple electroporation and germline transmission.
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