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Hcfc2, Minions
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Gene Information

Allele: Hcfc2min (Mus musculus (mouse))
Name: host cell factor C2; minions
Chromosome: 10
Alteration at locus: Chemically Induced
Monarch Initiative (Disease and Phenotype Associations): MGI:6108103
Gene: Hcfc2 (Mus musculus (mouse))
Name: host cell factor C2
Synonyms: 1700129L13Rik, fkls
Chromosome: 10
Alteration at locus: Chemically Induced
Monarch Initiative (Disease and Phenotype Associations): MGI:1915183
Genetic Alterations
ENU mutagenesis induced a C-to-A point mutation (NM_001081218.1: c.2117C>A) that results in the amino acid substitution of lysine for threonine at position 706 (p.Thr706Lys or T706K).
ES Cell Line

Homozygous: Not Characterized

Hetero/Hemizygous: Decreased TNF secretion from macrophages of mice stimulated with polyinosinic:polycytidylic acid ("poly(I:C)").

Mammalian Phenotype Terms
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MeSH Terms
    Strain Development
    Original mutant was a C57BL/6J G3 ENU-induced mutant; all subsequent crosses to maintain strain were on C57BL/6J background only.
    Suggested Control Mice
    Wild-type littermates
    • Immunology and Inflammation
    Bruce Beutler, M.D., University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

    Colony and Husbandry Information

    Colony Surveillance Program and Current Health Reports

    Mice derived from requested cell lines via Microinjection services will be pathogen tested prior to delivery of mice and health reports will be provided. If you require additional health status information prior to requesting microinjection please email
    Coat Color
    MMRRC Breeding System
    Random intra-strain mating
    Overall Breeding Performance
    Viability and Fertility: Female Male Comments
    Homozygotes are viable: Yes Yes
    Homozygotes are fertile: Yes Yes
    Heterozygotes are fertile: Yes Yes
    Age Reproductive Decline: Undetermined Undetermined
    Bred to Homozygosity
    Average litter size
    Recommended wean age
    3-4 weeks
    Average Pups Weaned

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